Modern Workplace
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Modern workplace

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The nature of work keeps changing constantly as technology advances. Today the workplace spans five generations, all from digital natives, to people less familiar with modern technology. How can you then provide a modern workplace that makes all people feel included, engaged and productive?

No two people are the same, neither are organizations that all have their own unique needs and ambitions. As people builds organizations, its more important then ever to enable a workplace where people can collaborate, communicate and reach their personal ambitions in a secure, mobile and flexible way.

That’s why rewired are so passionate about bringing smart and connected user experiences to all our customers, empowering their people to be creative, innovative and successful in what they do.

Enable adaptive workstyles

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The workplace as we know is no longer just a physical space where people gather during regular office hours. Our connected and always on environment blurs the line between the physical office and the place where work really gets done, and when it gets done.

A modern workplace should support multiple ways of interacting, communicating and collaborating on data, regardless of location or the device of choice.

The solutions and our ambitions in this area is to help you  enabling a balance between work and life for the people in your organization, so it can retain and attract new talents and be successful over time.

Why should you choose modern workplace?

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Easier client management
All new devices are installed through the cloud when your users log in for the first time. Keep track of who has which device and what status each device has. Instead of multiple licenses, you have one license to manage. Easily scales up and down as needed.
Protect data down to file level

Thanks to built-in cloud-based security systems, we protect you from threats such as ransomware, phishing and data breaches. The service protects your data right down to the file level. We also back up your data in the event of an accident.

Easier collaboration

Make sure users always have access to shared documents, chats and video conferencing. Regardless of device or location. Also, your users only need one login for all their tools.

Modern workplace Workshop?

Are you curious about how you can handle your clients in an easier and safer way? We are happy to come and tell you more about how you can deliver the entire company’s IT from the cloud.

  • It takes 3-4 hours and we will show live demos
  • We review both strategic and technical discussions.
  • After the workshop, we come up with a concrete proposal on how to create a modern workplace.

Fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as we can.