Cyber Security
Protect your most critical assets
Protect your most critical assets

Rewired’s cybersecurity services cover the entire cybersecurity domain, and we are committed to protecting our customers from all threats. The digital transformation revolution has generated new and digitalized business models and with that, new dangers. Cloud solutions are a perfect example of a growing threat landscape: their flexibility can quickly lead to security risks.

Make security a priority

Cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a top priority for businesses across the globe. You can see a major data breach or security incident reported almost daily – are you ready to take a proactive security approach? Making cybersecurity a part of the overall company culture is vital and requires full management support. It’s important to be proactive in choosing and implementing security controls, regardless of platform. Make sure you use the technology you have already invested in effectively.

Advise – Detect – Respond

Develop the organizational understanding to manage risks to your systems, data and other assets. This includes security strategy as well as cybersecurity posture assessment.


Design and implement control measures to protect your organization. This includes for example IT governance, risk assessment, identity and asset management, training and managed security services.


Cyber criminals will try to hack you. Invest in ongoing monitoring and health checks such as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, cloud security and secure code review.


What happens when you do get hacked? Make sure you have your security incident management in place to minimize the impact of an attack.

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